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Casual Bridesmaids Dresses

Learn the best styles for informal bridesmaid dresses and where to find casual dresses

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If your wedding isn’t a formal affair, clothing for the wedding party from your bridal gown to the dresses for your bridesmaids can be informal and more casual as well. 

For casual weddings like daytime or beach weddings, formal wear may not be appropriate so putting your bridesmaids in casual bridesmaids dresses is a better way to fit the mood of your less-formal wedding. 

The thing is, with most bridal stores stocking long evening gowns for bridesmaids, it can be hard to find casual bridesmaids dresses

So when looking for less formal dresses, you may have a few questions.  What are the best styles for informal bridesmaid dresses?  And where can you find informal bridesmaid dresses for your wedding? 

Not to worry, we go over the answers to these questions and more below.  Read on and learn all about casual bridesmaids dresses so you can make the best choice for your bridesmaids.

The Best Styles For Casual Bridesmaids Dresses

If you’ve been shopping, you know that bridesmaids dresses come in many different styles.  The best ones for casual weddings are shorter in length.  Bridesmaid dresses with hems that hit anywhere from the ankle upwards look more casual.  Tea-length, knee length or shorter hems are perfect. 

For a really fun and flirty look try shorter bridesmaid dresses.  A skirt that hits at the knee or higher is casual and your bridesmaids will appreciate that they can probably wear the dresses again.

informal bridesmaid dresses, casual bridesmaid dresses, bridesmaid dressWhen it comes to cut, casual bridesmaids dresses have a-line or fitted skirts.  Full billowy skirts are too formal even when they’re shorter.  The tops of these dresses can range from sleeveless tops to wrap necklines – no matter what kind of neckline you choose, you can’t go wrong. 

One good idea is to go with a top and skirt combo.  That way you can choose an informal style for the top and bottom of the bridesmaids dress.

Colors and patterns for casual bridesmaids dresses are light and fun.  Dark colors tend to be more formal in nature, so choose shades on the paler end of the spectrum (like lavender and sage) or go for punchy brights (like magenta and tangeriene.) 

You can also use patterns like polka dots on casual bridesmaids dresses.  Another idea is to have the dress in one color and coordinate with a sash in a contrasting hue.

When it comes to fabric, there aren’t any fabrics that are out of limits but there are a few that work very well for casual bridesmaids dresses.  Light fabrics like cotton, rayon and silk blends are good choices.

Where to Find Informal Bridesmaid Dresses

There are several places where you can shop for casual bridesmaids dresses.  You can find them online from bridal stores, from your local wedding gown store or you can find them from a regular clothing store.  Many department stores and boutiques stock dresses that aren’t “bridesmaids dresses” but will work perfectly. 

Another great place to look for dresses is at outlet stores.  If you have a large bridal party however, your best bet is to look online or at a bridal gown store as most retail stores don’t carry too many sizes in the same dress.

When are casual bridesmaids dresses appropriate?

These days, there are lots of situations were informal bridesmaid dresses are appropriate for weddings.  A good rule of thumb is that if your wedding takes place during the day or at an outdoor location, casual bridesmaids dresses are appropriate.  Another thing to look at is the attire of the bride, groom and groomsmen.  If the bridal gown is informal and the men aren’t wearing suits, informal bridesmaid dresses are a must.

Ultimately you should let the theme and mood of your wedding ceremony and reception guide you.  If your wedding is at night and the theme is tropical, then casual dresses in a tropical print will work just fine for your bridesmaids.