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How The Bride Can Have Happy Bridesmaids

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When your wedding day rolls around, who will help you settle your wedding day jitters?  Who will be there to help you put your veil on straight and to run interference with your mother-in-law during your wedding reception?  If you're like most brides, you're lucky enough to have some wonderful friends and family members to help you out.  These are your bridesmaids.  From your engagement party onward, these gals will be there to help you decide on wedding details and keep you sane on your wedding day.

You've got a lot on your mind with all of your wedding planning, so it's easy to get caught up in your wedding drama and become a crazed bride. 

But if you want to keep your bridesmaids happy and smiling through your wedding day, it's important to be thoughtful of your bridesmaids and understand some key bridesmaid etiquette for the bride.

bridesmaid etiquette, wedding etiquetteMake your bridesmaids jobs easier and keep them happy with the following tips:

Help Them Look Lovely

If you've ever been in a wedding and you had to wear a hideous bridesmaid's gown, then you know what its like to want to burn your wedding attire as soon as the grooms kisses the bride. Sure, everyone's sense of style is different, but unfortunately it seems that many brides choose bridesmaids gowns that are simply dowdy and unattractive.  Do your bridesmaids a favor and be considerate when you choose bridesmaids' gowns.  Though you probably can't make everyone happy, be kind enough to consider your bridesmaids' different figures and choose a gown (or combination of gowns) that is likely to suit everyone.

If you know your friends wouldn't be caught dead in a gaudy or trendy dress, don't select something like it for your bridesmaids' gowns.  Also, if you can, bring along your maid of honor when you go shopping for bridesmaids' gowns.  She can give you some insight and help you choose a gown that will work for everyone.

Help Them Become Friends

Because there's a good probability that your bridesmaids will come from different parts of your life your childhood, your high school days, etc. - your bridesmaids might never have met. Make it easy for them to talk and become friends by getting them together for an outing or at your home.  When your bridesmaids all feel familiar with each other, it will help them work together to plan your bridal shower and have fun on your wedding day.

Let Them Know the Details

It may be unbelievable, but each detail of your wedding is not ingrained on your bridesmaids' minds.  To make it easier on them, put all of your wedding details in one place for them to look at from time to time.  It's easy to give them what they need by creating a document that includes the wedding date, ceremony site, and the names and phone numbers of all the other bridesmaids.  It is also a good idea to attach a color photo of the bridesmaids gown with preferred shoe color (if you have one) and information on where the gown can be purchased.

Give Them Thanks

Your bridesmaids will be a lot more willing to help you out if they know they're appreciated.  Before you get married, treat your bridesmaids to something special like a spa day, a manicure, a movie or a casual home cooked meal.  When you come back from your honeymoon, write a special letter to each bridesmaid to let her know how grateful you are for her friendship and her involvement in your wedding.

With these helpful tips, you can not only avoid drama with your bridesmaids, but you can keep them smiling through your wedding day.