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Advice on sending shower invites and bridal shower invitation examples

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Now that you’ve decided on the shower date, location and what type of shower to have, you need to select bridal shower invitations.  Since you’ve already come up with an idea for the theme of the shower, it will be much easier for you to select invitations.  The bridal shower invitations can add to the theme and get people excited about the shower in general.  Remember, the invitation will give guests an idea of what the shower will be like. 

For each kind of theme, there are lots of different ways to be creative with the invitations.  Not exactly the creative type?  Don’t worry, we’ve compiled our best bridal shower invitation ideas to give you a head start.  Keep reading and find some ideas that you can use for shower invitations.

Co-ed Showers

If the bridal shower is a “his and hers” shower, it’s a good idea to pick invitations that are unisex and not too girly.  There are lots of invitations that feature images his and hers towels or household items that are just perfect for a co-ed shower.  Another idea is to use a color like green or blue that isn’t necessarily feminine.  Because you want your male and female guests to attend, you’ll definitely want to mention in the wording that the shower is for both men and women.      

Traditional Bridal Showers

Sometimes doing a traditional bridal shower is a simple way to go because there’s no specific theme.  In this case, use color as your guide.  Whatever colors you’ve chosen for the main décor of the shower can be used to spiff up the shower invitations.  A white invitation with pink flowering on it is perfect for a pink shower.  In some cases the color will include a pattern like gingham or stripes – these can also be incorporated into the invitations. 

Other Shower Themes

Are you throwing a cooking shower, gardening shower or a tropical themed shower?  No matter what your theme is, there are plenty of ideas for bringing the theme into the bridal shower invitations.  Here are some ideas for common bridal shower themes: 

Garden Shower – For this shower, you can create an invitation shaped like a garden glove or incorporate flowers into the bridal shower invitation.  Another great idea is to send a packet of seeds along with each invitation. 

Lingerie Shower – Invitations for a lingerie bridal shower should be a little risqué.  Die-cut invitations shaped like a bra and panties or nightgowns are perfect.  Remember to say on the invitation that it is a lingerie shower and give guests the bride’s sizes on an insert.  If you want a regular shaped invitation but with a little more spunk, consider using a racy color like bright red or hot pink.  

Travel Shower – Instead of sending typical invitations, use travel postcards to invite guests to the shower.  Go online or to a bookstore and collect postcards with different city scenes on them.  You can also create invitations that look like passports.  Each guest would receive their own passport to the party. 

Bridal Shower Invitation Examples

Have fun with selecting the invitations and don’t be afraid to be playful in the invitation wording – this is a lighthearted celebration after all.  For example, if the shower is a tropical or Hawaiian theme, greet guests by using the word “Aloha” as the opening line in the invitation.

Example #1:

Please join us for a
Bridal Shower Luncheon

(Bride’s name)

Taking place on

(Day, date, time)

At (Location)



Please R.S.V.P by (Date)

(Phone number)

Example #2:

Come celebrate with us
And shower (Bride’s name)With love and good wishesAt a Bridal ShowerGiven in her honorOn (Day, date, time)At (Location)(Address)

Hosted by (Host name)

(Phone number)

Example # 3

Please join us for
A Kitchen Bridal Shower
Honoring (Bride’s Name)
On (Day, date, time)
At (Location)

Hosted by (Host name) 

Bring a recipe and kitchen gadget
That you love
(Phone number)