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Top Tips For Finding Cheap Wedding Shoes

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cheap bridal shoes, discount wedding shoesOnce you've found the perfect wedding gown, the next step is to move onto finding the right wedding accessories to go with your gown.  At the top of the list are your bridal shoes.

After you've ordered your wedding dress, it's important to decide on your wedding shoes before you attend your first gown fitting.  To fit your dress just right, you'll need to know how high the heel is on your bridal shoes and in order to know that, you'll need to pick your shoes before your fitting.

Read on for the top tips in selecting and buying cheap bridal shoes and cheap wedding shoes.

1.  Choose wedding shoes that go with your wedding theme. If you're having a Vegas-style wedding, go for glam with some flashy stilettos.

2.  For the most comfortable pair of shoes, pick a pair with a heel that's 2 inches or lower.

3.  If you'd like your feet to appear a little smaller, choose bridal shoes that have a rounded-toe

4.  For wedding shoes that are gorgeous but uncomfortable, consider giving your tootsies a rest while you're waiting to walk down the aisle. Wear comfy shoes or slippers and then put your high heels on right before your wedding ceremony begins.

5.  Cover any blisters or corns with foot pads on your special day. Dr. Scholl's carries a variety of items to make you more comfortable.

6.  Get used to walking in your wedding bridal shoes by breaking them in a few weeks before your wedding. Wear your wedding shoes around your house for a couple of days.

cheap wedding shoes, cheap bridal shoes7.  Select shoes that will match your wedding dress perfectly. You shouldn't have trouble finding shoes that will go with the fabric and color of your dress. If your dress has special embellishments like lace or flowers, you can also find shoes that will compliment those aspects of your gown.

8.  Try on lots of different styles of shoes to find the pair that feels and looks the best.

9.  Because feet have a tendency to swell in the evening hours, try shopping for shoes in the late afternoon or evening. Your shoes will fit better when you try them on at this time.

10.  If you'll be wearing stockings with your wedding gown, be sure to wear them when you're trying on wedding shoes.

11.  Select a pair of shoes that you can walk in comfortably. No need to buy wedding shoes with a 3 inch heel when you can barely stand in a pair of 2 inch heels.

12.  If you're looking for something special or you have an unusual shoe size, consider shopping for your bridal shoes online. Just allow plenty of time for online goods to be shipped.

13.  Add some comfort to your shoes by placing cushioned insoles into your wedding shoes.

14.  If you're planning on dancing at your reception, practice your moves in your bridal shoes before your wedding day. You don't want to slip during your first dance because you're not used to waltzing in your shoes.

15.  To get the perfect color for you wedding shoes, compare colors and swatches in natural daylight.

16.  Because bridal shoes are typically light in color, they can easily be dirtied while in store. Before you purchase your shoes, do a once-over to make sure both of them are spotless.

17.  Once you have tried a pair that you like at the store, don't buy them just yet.  Go online and comparison shop the same exact pair - you'll likely find them at a  much better price.