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Should You Get a Blank Invitation Wedding Kit?

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With weddings becoming more and more expensive, more couples are looking to low cost do it yourself alternatives to bring down the price of their wedding.  One of the most popular diy projects is wedding invitations using a blank wedding invitation kit

Any project will need supplies, so nowadays there are lots of blank wedding invitation kits to accommodate the thrifty brides and grooms who choose to print their own wedding invitations.

You’ve probably heard about how much money you can save by doing using blank wedding invitation kits and printing them at home.  Well, now that you’re ready to select blank invitations and print them yourself, how do you get started?  Read on and you’ll learn everything you need to know about working with blank printable wedding invitations.

How to Choose Blank Printable Wedding Invitations

You may already have some ideas about the kind of wedding invitations you’d like.  As a general rule, you should let your wedding theme and the formality of your wedding guide the invitation selection. 

When you choose blank wedding invitations for home printing, you can select them the same way you would select pre-printed invitations.  Don’t worry about not being able to find invitations that you like – there is an amazing selection of blank wedding invitations available. 

printable wedding invitationsOne thing to pay attention to is what is included in the invitation.  Be sure that whatever invitations you choose have envelopes and response cards available as well. 

You’ll want to print everything on the same type of stationary so the invitations, envelopes and response cards all look uniform. 

The size of the blank invitation is important as well.  When you select the invitation, make sure that you will be able to fit all of your invitation wording on that one page. 

Where to Buy Blank Invitation Kits 

There are lots of places to purchase blank wedding invitation kits.  We suggest buying online because that’s where you’ll find a combination of the best prices and the most selection.  Do a simple search on Google to get started and you should come up with lots of options.  If you live near a stationary store, you can also find blank invitations there.  Arts and crafts stores also carry paper that can be used for invitations, but don’t often carry corresponding envelopes and response cards. 

Wherever you order from, go ahead and order a sample of the invitation first.  You want to make sure that you like the blank invitation when you see it in person.  You also want to be sure that the invitation will work with your printer.

Things to Know About Printable Wedding Invitationsblank wedding invitations

Using vellum – Vellum is a thin paper that is used in lots of invitations.  The appearance of this paper is see through or slightly frosted and it’s often used as an overlay on top of an opaque invitation. 

Though vellum is very popular and looks lovely on wedding invitations, vellum is generally not good for blank printable wedding invitations.  The reason is that most printers cannot print on vellum and the ink gets smudged.  If you’re in love with vellum and want it on your invitations, consider buying vellum sheets separately and using them on top of the printed wording on your invitations.

Using die cut shapes – For a unique look, lots of invitations are made in die-cut shapes.  Die-cut just means that the invitation is cut into a particular shape, like a circle or flower.  These invitations are not easily printable, so they’re not the best choice for blank invitations.  Most of these shapes don’t fit into a paper tray and come out with crooked text. 

Doing practice runs – The first thing you should do is order some samples of blank printable wedding invitations and do a trial run of printing.  You’ll learn if the paper looks good with the wording you’ve chosen and whether there are any problems with the paper.  You want to make sure that everything will run smoothly before you start printing your actual invitations.

Printer ink – Before you get started, check to see that you have full ink cartridges for black and color ink.  You should also be very careful when removing your printed wedding invitations from the printer.  Wet ink smudges easily and you don’t want to have blotches on your invitations. 

Go slowly - When you start printing your do it yourself computer wedding invitations, you’ll want to print them out little by little.  Set your printer to only do a few invitations at a time (5 at a maximum) so you can watch each invitation as it prints to make sure that the paper is correctly aligned, the printer has plenty of ink and everything is printing properly.