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Beach Wedding Flowers

Find creative beach wedding flower ideas for centerpieces and beach wedding bouquets

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beach wedding bouquet, beach wedding flowers, beach wedding flower ideasWhen you have a beach wedding, its only natural to bring in elements of your location to your wedding décor. 

One of the best ways to showcase your beach style is with your wedding flowers. 

Beach wedding flowers are beautiful and elegant, but also incorporate the relaxed and fun loving vibes of the seashore.  There are four main areas where you can add a beachy feel to your floral arrangements – your wedding bouquet, centerpieces, boutonnières and additional ceremony or reception décor.


There are lots of inventive ways that you can add seaside style to your beach wedding flowers.  Whether you give texture to your bouquet with a collection of shells or jazz up your centerpieces with colorful sea glass, you can bring the beach into your wedding flowers. 

Read on for our best beach wedding flower ideas and helpful tips on selecting flowers for beach wedding floral arrangements.

beach wedding flower ideas, beach wedding centerpieces, beach wedding flowersAdd Seaside Details to Beach Wedding Flowers

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to incorporate beach elements into your wedding flowers is simply by adding a few seaside items in your bouquet, centerpieces and other flowers. 

Shells make the perfect addition to beach wedding bouquets.  Place small shells attached to wire throughout the bouquet.  This gives a nice textured look to the flowers.  You can also add larger shells to beach wedding centerpieces or scatter the shells around the arrangement.  Any type of shell will do; starfish, sea urchins, and sand dollars are particularly nice.

Rope can also be added to wedding floral arrangements to bring in a nautical feel.  Beach wedding bouquets can be hand tied with smaller rope and larger rope or fish netting can be placed on tables surrounding centerpieces. 

Anchors and nautical flags can also accent beach wedding floral arrangements.  Ribbon imprinted with navy blue anchors or a series of maritime flags can be used to tie bouquets and boutonnières.  

Coral and driftwood also make charming additions to beach wedding flowers.  Small sticks of red or white coral can be placed throughout bouquets and centerpieces.  Driftwood can also be used as the focal point for beach wedding centerpieces with flowers or candles placed delicately through the branches.

beach wedding flowers, beach wedding flower centerpieces, beach wedding flower ideasDisplay Beach Wedding Flowers With Containers

Another way to give your wedding flowers beach charm is to display them in beachy containers.  You can place centerpieces into sand pails complete with small shovels or other sand toys.  You can also have centerpiece containers sit upon fish netting or a collection of flip flops. 

Another beach wedding flower idea is to place seashells, sea glass or rope inside of floral containers.  You could also place miniature umbrellas into centerpieces or have the centerpieces sit atop small umbrellas turned upside down.  

Choose Tropical Blooms for Beach Wedding Flowers

Tropical flowers are a surefire way to add a beach feel to your wedding flowers, especially if your beach wedding has an island theme.  Orchids are the most common tropical flower, but you can also use plumeria or hibiscus in your beach wedding floral arrangements.  You can also use birds or paradise if you want some unique texture. 

The only problem is that these flowers can be on the pricey side.  To tone down your costs, mix other flowers with orchids in the arrangements.  Calla lilies, stargazer lilies, stock, roses and tuberoses can all be added to orchids.  You can also add palm leaves to beach wedding flowers to give more of a tropical vibe in a cost effective way.

Tips for Beach Wedding Flower Arrangements

There are a few things that will help your beach wedding flower arrangements look and stay fresh.  Because you may be dealing with heat, humidity and wind, you’ll need flowers that can withstand those elements throughout your wedding ceremony and reception.

One of the biggest things is to make sure that the flowers you choose for your beach wedding do well in the heat.  Orchids, roses, dahlias, nasturtium and calla lilies all work very well.  Flowers like tulips and hydrangeas tend to fade in the sun.

Another important point is to keep your flowers hydrated.  If you can, place your bouquet and bridesmaids bouquets in vases of water right up until you walk down the aisle.