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Beach Wedding Dresses

Learn the best styles for simple beach wedding dresses and how to choose your dress

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beach wedding dresses, simple beach wedding dress, informal beach wedding dressDue to the nature of outdoor weddings, beach wedding dresses should be a little more understated and a little less formal. 

The beach environment also brings up other considerations like comfort in warm and possibly windy conditions. 

But that doesnít mean that beach wedding dresses are any less elegant or romantic. 

Simple beach wedding dresses go from delicately beaded A-lines to flowing sheath styles.  The key is to make sure that your wedding dress will suit the occasion and fit in with the rest of your beach wedding. 

So, how do you make sure your beach wedding dress has seaside style?  Whether your wedding is a chic coastal affair or a barefoot wedding on a tropical island, there are a few essentials that will make your beach wedding dress fit right into your overall wedding theme. 

Below are our five must haves for beach wedding dresses.  Read on and use this advice to help you select a beautiful wedding dress thatís just perfect for your beach wedding.


There are lots of choices when it comes to beach wedding dresses.  For the most comfortable and fitting beach style, make sure your dress has these essential elements.

simple beach wedding dress, beach wedding dresses, casual beach wedding dressShort and Sweet

One point thatís important when choosing a beach wedding dress is the length of your dress.  Longer dresses are more formal in nature, but they can be used for beach weddings as long as they donít have a long train or a very full skirt.  A newer trend is to wear a shorter wedding dress reaching to ankle-length or higher. 

Shorter styles make more casual beach wedding dresses and prevent hems from getting sandy.  If youíre looking for a unique beach wedding dress, try a short one it will capture the casual and fun vibes of the seashore. 


Flowing Fabricbeach wedding dresses, informal beach wedding dress, simple beach wedding dress

The beach is often windy, so there could be a breeze on your wedding day.  What could be prettier than a simple beach wedding dress that lightly flows in the wind? 

When you choose your beach wedding dress, be sure to pay attention to the fabric that itís made from. 

Heavy fabrics (like velvet) will look out of place and will also be uncomfortable in warmer temperatures.  So choose fabrics with lightness about them like silk, organza, satin, charmeuse and chiffon.    

Delicate Detail

Heavy beading may be appropriate for a cathedral wedding, but too much embellishment on a beach wedding dress just wonít do.  When it comes to details on your dress, donít do too much.  A simple beach wedding dress will go better with the understated style of the location. 

You can use beading, lace, ribbon or other embellishment; just keep it on the conservative side.  For example, an a-line dress with a fabric flower along the back or a long sheath with a simple beaded design is lovely for a beach wedding.

Slim Silhouette

Many brides want to feel like a princess on their wedding day, but if youíre having a beach wedding you may decide to forgo the poufy princess dress in favor of a more simple, fitted dress.  Beach wedding dresses are best when they match the relaxed tone of the beach surroundings.  That means selecting a slimmer wedding dress silhouette. 

There are many different wedding dress silhouettes that will work for beach weddings.  Some of our favorites are the sheath, a-line, trumpet and mermaid silhouette.  Just picture an elegant yet simple beach wedding dress and you canít go wrong.

Another thing to take into account is the neckline of your beach wedding dress.  A high neckline like will feel too stuffy, so go with styles that bare more like a halter, scoop, sweetheart or strapless neckline.