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Beach wedding Cakes

Find ideas for unique beach theme wedding cakes and tips on beach wedding cake decor

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Beach weddings have a different feel than other types of events – a relaxed and fun feel that comes from the beach environment. 

When you’re having a beach wedding, the cake is an ideal place to use your beach wedding theme. 

Because your wedding cake is one of the focal points for your wedding reception, it is an easy and significant way to showcase the theme of the day. 

Beach theme wedding cakes are also a way for you to have fun with your wedding theme and to express your personal take on seaside style.   

There are many ways to give your wedding cake a beach theme.  Depending on your particular wedding style, you can choose a beach wedding cake that will compliment the other aspects of your reception.  You can showcase a beach theme through wedding cake décor, unique flavor choices and color.   

Take inspiration from your wedding location whether it’s on the coast of New England, in sunny Florida or a tropical island.  If you have a personal hobby that coincides with the beach (like snorkeling or shell collecting), you can use that. 

You can even add to the beach themed wedding cake by displaying it upon fishing net material or surrounding it with sea glass, shells, flowers, coral or driftwood.  No matter what type of beach wedding you’re having, you can find ways to make your cake special.  For our best ideas on beach theme wedding cakes, read on.  

beach theme wedding cakes, beach wedding cakes, beach themed wedding cakesTypes OF Beach Wedding Cake Decor

Before you decide on what type of beach wedding cake you want, you’ll need to think about what cake décor will work well for your location.  Since most beach weddings take place during warmer times of year like spring, summer and early fall, the type of cake décor used needs to be able to hold up in warmer temperatures. 

The best cake decorating material for beach wedding cakes is fondant.  It is able to stand up to warm temperatures and it won’t melt like buttercream.  But, if you have your heart set on ganache or buttercream, just make sure that your cake is kept in an air conditioned area so it doesn’t melt before you get to cut it.

beach wedding cake, beach theme wedding cake, beach themed wedding cakeFlavors for Beach Wedding Cakes

A beach wedding calls for cake that is lighter and less rich.  Have fun with flavors like key lime, cocoanut, pineapple, guava, lemon or orange. 

A key lime cake with cream cheese icing makes a refreshing addition to any reception.  If you want a richer flavor, consider adding rum or liquor to the cake filling. 

Color for Beach Themed Cakes

Don’t be afraid to use beachy color in your wedding cake.  You can use colors reminiscent of the sea like green, aqua, blue, coral and peach or colors with a tropical vibe like fuschia, turquoise, bright yellow, red and orange.  For a nautical theme, you can use classic maritime colors like navy, red, white and yellow.

Ideas for Beach Wedding Cakes

There are several themes that you can use on your beach wedding cake.  We go over just a few below.

Nautical Touches – Maritime symbols like rope and anchors or nautical flags can be incorporated into your beach themed wedding cake.  Rope made from fondant or gum paste can wind around your cake up to an anchor cake topper.  You could also have your baker paint nautical flags around the sides of your wedding cake.  

Tropical Flowers – Use fresh tropical blooms or flowers made from gum paste or sugar on your wedding cake.  Fresh orchids lend beautiful color and a tropical look to any cake.  You can also have your baker create blooms of plumeria or hibiscus to add island style.   You could use fresh or edible palms on your cake as well.  Palm leaves created from fondant or buttercream can be wrapped around the tiers of a wedding cake.beach wedding cakes, themed beach wedding cakes, theme beach wedding cakes

Sealife – Shells are a given on beach wedding cakes, but you can also use other sea life like colorful sea urchins, coral and fish.  You can scatter white chocolate shells, sand dollars and starfish on each tier of your cake or create a complete ocean floor scene with coral and fish.   

Fun Cake Toppers – Look into using an interesting cake topper on your beach themed wedding cake.  You can use an anchor, a burst of tropical flowers, two beach chairs, a seashell, starfish or sand dollar.  You could also use a piece of red coral, a couple in their swimsuits, two flip flops or a fish.  Whatever you decide, you can probably have your baker create the topper out of gum paste, spun sugar or fondant.  You can also find unique cake tops from an online cake topper store.