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Tips on Finding an Inexpensive Veil and When to Wear a Casual Bridal Veil

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Now that youíve found your wedding dress, itís time to start shopping for a bridal veil.  Not just a piece of flimsy fabric, a veil truly makes the bride who wears it.  Unfortunately, this essential piece of the bridal wardrobe can sometimes cost upwards of $500.  If you bought your wedding dress at a bargain, it makes sense not to spend a lot of money on a veil.    

So, how do you find a bargain bridal veil that beautifully complements your wedding gown and doesn't look cheap?  Read on to discover the best ways to find an inexpensive veil for your wedding.

Custom Bridal Veils

Though the idea sounds expensive, itís sometimes much cheaper to find a seamstress to make a veil for you rather than buy one from a bridal store.  Check out alteration shops that do custom designs or alter wedding dresses specifically. 

Often the same person who does the alterations on your wedding gown can create a veil for you.  Not only will you get a custom bridal veil at a bargain, but youíll also have direct input as to what your veil will be like instead of just picking a veil from the selection from a store.

Do It Yourself Wedding Veils

casual bridal veilMaking your own veil is a great way to save money.  Though we donít recommend making a veil from scratch unless you are very comfortable with sewing, you can buy a simple bargain bridal veil of just tulle and a comb and create something special with it that looks a lot more ornate and expensive. 

The first step is to buy the cheapest veil you can find that will work for the length you desire.  Remember you can always cut the length of the veil, but you canít make a short veil longer.  Then, if it has been previously used, give it a good hand wash in your sink and lay it out to dry.  Once it is clean and dry, you can start making it your own.

There are lots of ways to make a veil your own.  You can add embellishments like glitter, beading and jewels by sewing them on and using hot glue or you can remove decoration by clipping these items off with a pair of sewing scissors.  Adding decoration to the comb or headband that holds the veil in place is another way to give a veil your personal touch.  You can also decorate your it sewing on ribbon or lace to the edge of the veil.

Hidden Bargain - Used Veils

Another option to get a bargain bridal veil is to purchase a used veil.  The beauty of used veils is though they have been originally purchased for use by someone else, they havenít had much wear.  Most used veils that you can buy have been worn only once or havenít ever been worn at all. 

You can find them online from retailers like eBay or you can check out thrift stores, flea markets and garage sales.  When you find a veil you like, you can customize it to your wedding style by shortening the length, adding embellishments or a ribboned edge.  You can also remove decorative elements to simplify the style.

Casual Bridal Veils

If you still want to wear a veil but your wedding is on the casual side, what are your choices?  Well, the good news is that there are lots of veils that are less formal and will fit within the style of your wedding. 

Casual veils as a rule are less ornamental and donít include a lot of embellishments like beading or lace.  Also, casual veils are usually shorter, falling to the fingertips, elbows or shoulders rather than to the floor or longer.  For example, for a casual beach wedding itís best to go for a shorter veil because you donít want the wind to blow your veil around when youíre trying to say your wedding vows.  Casual bridal veils also donít usually include a blusher.  A blusher is a thin piece of fabric that falls in front of your face during the ceremony and is flipped back by your husband right before he kisses you at the end of the ceremony.  It is a more old fashioned part of a veil and generally isnít appropriate if you want to keep it all very casual.

Another way to wear a casual veil is to get a veil that doesnít actually hang over your face, but hangs down your back and is attached to your hair by a comb.  This is also a great choice for brides who are undecided about wearing a veil.  A comb veil gives you all of the bride-liness you need without taking anything away from your bridal hairstyle or covering your face.