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Antique Wedding Rings

Learn about antiqued wedding ring sets and antique replica wedding rings

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antiqued wedding ring sets, antique replica wedding ring, antique wedding ringThese days many brides and grooms choose to get antique style wedding rings instead of more modern designs. 

Antiqued wedding ring sets are more unique than other types of wedding rings and they add a sense of history and romance to your wedding. 

And for couples who can't afford antique wedding rings or want the antique look without searching for the right ring, antique replica wedding rings are now widely available.

When you choose antique wedding rings, your rings will be one of a kind and you'll get to add your love story to the long and interesting history of the rings.  You’ll truly feel that your antique wedding ring is special.

Another benefit of antique or antique replica wedding rings is that they’re typically created with better craftsmanship and detail than contemporary wedding rings.  The ornate touches like filigree add to the overall beauty of your wedding ring.

Want to know more about antiqued wedding ring sets?  Read on and learn all about antique replica wedding rings and true antique wedding rings.  Find out the best places to find and buy antique wedding rings.

About Antiqued Wedding Ring Sets

antique wedding ring, antiqued wedding ring sets, antique replica wedding ringFirst you’ll need to know what “antique” means.  When it comes to an antique wedding ring, antique means that the piece is over fifty years old. 

There are other terms applied to rings that are older, but not quite antique.  These terms are things like “vintage” and “estate.”  Verify that the ring is truly an antique if that is what you are paying for. 

Antique Replica Wedding Rings

Many couples like the look of antiqued wedding ring sets but don’t like the high price tag.  If the look is more important to you and you don’t particularly care if your ring has a history, you can get an antique replica wedding ring instead of the real thing. 

Often called antique style wedding rings, antique replica wedding rings are typically much less expensive than antiques and they have the same fine craftsmanship and look just as beautiful.  You can find the same types of styles including antique filigree wedding ring reproductions that have the delicate metalwork that antique rings are known for.

Where can you purchase antique replica wedding rings?  Well there are several places.  Some online jewelers specialize in antique style rings, so that’s a good place to start.  You can also look at your local jewelry store for more antique-looking styles.  Another way to get and antique replica wedding ring is by having it custom created for you.  Visit a jeweler that offers custom design and bring in a picture of your dream antique ring, they can probably create it for you. 

Because you don’t have to test the authenticity of your antique reproduction, you won’t have to spend the long hours finding and researching that you would spend looking for a true antique.

Styles for Antique Wedding Rings

The styles for antiqued wedding ring sets typically correspond to a particular time period.  The styles will also apply for antique replica wedding rings, but they’ll just reference a general look that was popular during that period of time. 

The most popular styles for antique wedding rings are: Victorian (1830’s - 1900), Edwardian (1900 - 1920) and Art Deco (1920 – 1940.)  Of these three the easiest to find are Art Deco wedding rings and that is because they are the most recent. 

One design aspect that you’ll hear again and again when looking for antique wedding rings is filigree.  Antique filigree wedding rings are characterized by delicate metalwork that has a lace-like appearance.  Filigree is typically used with gold and can create designs of scrollwork, flowers or leaves.  Filigree antique wedding rings are generally from the Edwardian period forward. 

Antique filigree wedding ring reproductions can be done with gold, silver or platinum metal.  You can choose a design that is more lacey and delicate (like an Edwardian style ring) or you can go with filigree in a more geometric pattern (like an Art Deco style ring.)   

Where to Buy an Antique Wedding Ring

If you want a true antiqued wedding ring set instead of a reproduction, there are a few different places where you can purchase your wedding rings.  The one thing to keep in mind is to only buy from a reputable source and no matter what, have your ring appraised shortly after purchase to verify its authenticity.  When you buy your antique wedding ring, you should have a full description of the ring including the condition and age of the ring, all in writing.  Only work with a jeweler who has a good return policy in case anything is awry with your ring.

You can find antique wedding rings at online antique jewelry stores, antique stores, traditional jewelers, estate sales, eBay, pawn shops, and flea markets.  If you aren’t familiar with antiques, stick to traditional sources like jewelry stores.