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Antique Engagement Rings

Learn about plain antique engagement rings and antique style engagement rings.

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One of the biggest trends in engagement ring style is going vintage with true antique or antique style engagement rings. 

These rings are stylish and classy because they’re a work of art and a piece of history.  When you wear an antique engagement ring, you are wearing a ring that is truly unique. 

Antique engagement rings are one of a kind and often created with better craftsmanship than modern engagement rings.  Even plain antique engagement rings are often more ornate than modern ones. 

Want to know more?  Read on and learn all about antique engagement rings, how to find them and where to buy them.  You’ll also find tips on buying antique replica engagement rings.

About Antique Engagement Rings

When applied to an engagement ring, the term “antique” means that the ring is over fifty years old.  When you start looking into antique engagement rings, don’t get confused by estate rings which are less than fifty years old, but may be previously used as well.  Vintage rings are not necessarily antiques either; they could be antique engagement ring replicas or just generally old rings. 

Antique engagement rings are crafted with quality that you won’t find in other types of engagement rings, so check with your jeweler to make sure the ring is really old enough to be antique. 

Also know that not every antique engagement ring will be a diamond ring.  Though we prize diamonds for rings today, opals, pearls, sapphires, rubies and other stones were used for rings of yesteryear.

Ornate or Plain Antique Engagement Rings? 
It depends on the era...

When you look for an antique engagement ring, there are several different time periods to consider.  The styling and detail will vary largely from one era to another.  The big time frames to know for antique rings are Victorian (1830’s - 1900), Edwardian (1900 - 1920) and Art Deco (1920 – 1940.)  The styles from these periods will vary from plain antique engagement rings to very ornate gaudy designs. 

Rings from the Victorian era are typically more plain antique engagement rings made from yellow or rose tinted gold.  These rings typically contain rows of diamonds and sometimes pearl accents as well.

Antique engagement rings from the Edwardian period are usually made from platinum or white gold with mountings in thin lacey designs called filigree.  Metallurgy had improved with technology, so engagement rings became more ornate, often with designs of flowers or leaves (very much like Art Nouveau at the end of the period.)  Diamonds and sapphires were both popular center-stones for this time frame.

Possibly the most popular of antique engagement rings are rings from the Art Deco period.  These rings are streamlined with geometric accents and are unmistakably unique.

Where to Buy an Antique Engagement Ring
There are several different places where you can purchase an antique engagement ring.  The places you can find an antique engagement ring include online jewelers, antique stores, traditional jewelers, pawn shops, estate sales, flea markets, consignment shops and even Ebay.  We recommend that you only buy from a reputable jeweler unless you are well versed in antiques. 

A jeweler who specializes in antique jewelry can help guide you through your purchase. When you buy an antique engagement ring, be sure to have thorough descriptions of the ring on hand.  You should have in writing, the age, condition, cut, color, carat and clarity of the ring as well as any other descriptive features.  You should also only work with a jeweler who has a return policy or guarantee.  Get the ring appraised as soon as you’ve purchased it to validate its authenticity. 

Antique Replica Engagement Rings
If you can’t afford to buy a true antique engagement ring, you don’t have to sacrifice the antique look.  These days, you can buy an antique engagement ring replica and nobody will be able to tell the difference.  Antique replicas are typically called antique style engagement rings.  These rings are much cheaper than true antiques but look just as nice. 

You can purchase antique style engagement rings from a jewelry store or an online store that specializes in antique style rings.  You’ll probably find a better selection from an online jeweler, so that’s a good place to start looking at antique ring styles. 

With antique style engagement rings, you don’t have the high cost or extensive search as you would have with a true antique.