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Make Your Wedding an Affordable Destination Wedding By Following a Few Key Steps

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affordable destination wedding, afforable destination weddingsMore and more couples these days are considering destination weddings instead of traditional weddings back home. Traditional wedding costs keep skyrocketing, with no end in sight. To counter this, you should consider an affordable destination wedding.   

Destination weddings are popular because they can be inexpensive for the wedding couple while still being romantic. The wedding couple can get away from it all on a destination wedding and keep their overall wedding costs under control.

But as demand for destination weddings increase, destination wedding venues have learned how to charge more during higher demand times. This can easily reduce the savings to be found.

Fortunately, by booking in slower periods or off peak times, or when specials are being run, you can still find affordable destination weddings being offered.

So how do you know when and where to book a destination wedding that won't break the bank and still be romantic and special? Read on and we'll share with you the secrets of finding affordable destination weddings.

Learning the Rules of Affordable Destination Weddings

Usually only your closest family members and friends will go to a destination wedding. Because of this, the number of guests attending will be smaller.  You therefore avoid having to pay for 100+ guests at your wedding reception, like your business colleagues, those you work with, your boss, casual acquaintances, your parent's neighbors, or others you really had no desire to invite to your wedding to being with. 

Also, keep in mind that your destination wedding is also combined with your honeymoon, keeping your overall costs affordable.

What costs are the responsibility of the wedding couple at a destination wedding?

Generally, the wedding couple pays for the room accommodations at the resort, plus food and drinks for your attending guests.  In turn, your wedding guests are responsible for their airfare to get to the destination wedding resort plus any other additional expenses.

How long should your attending guests need for a destination wedding?

In most cases, your destination wedding will be over a long weekend, roughly  three to four days for your guests.  Once your wedding guests have gone, the wedding couple stays on and enjoys their honeymoon at the resort for the rest of the week.

Make your destination wedding affordable - instead of wedding gifts ask for a destination weddingaffordable destination wedding, affordable destination weddings

Since many people today wait longer before deciding to get married, they usually have already acquired enough things to set up their house. They don't need, want, or have the space for more dishes, flatware, kitchen appliances, etc. 

Instead of having your guests buy you wedding gifts, instead ask them to use the same money to purchase airfare to your destination wedding. By doing this your guests will now be able to afford to attend your destination wedding. You closest family members and friends understand the value in doing this and are usually in agreement with your rationale for having a destination wedding.

If your guests are from all over, a destination wedding is more convenient

Guests from out of town would have to spend money to get to your wedding if you were holding it in the area you live. Instead of spending money to fly into your city, they will need to spend slightly more to fly to the destination wedding location that you have chosen, Plus, they get a stay paid for by you just for attending. A pretty sweet deal! Once they see the logic in this, any initial resistance to attending usual melts away.

Shop around for your best price

The more time you put here, the better price you can obtain. There are many venues that offer destination weddings. By checking several vendors, you'll be able to find slow or soft time periods where the destination wedding venue may be willing to discount or include more extras for the base price.

By letting the destination wedding venue do the planning , you can avoid the stress of planning the wedding

Most destination wedding resorts offer turnkey planning for you, all in one package price. This includes your marriage license, wedding ceremony, wedding flowers, your wedding cake, wedding reception, food, bar, and expert wedding planning help.  All you have to do is show up and get married!  You don't have to fret or get stressed over the details. Just let the destination wedding resort professionals handle all the details for you.

Be aware of the destination country's legal requirements for weddings 

Do your research about the marriage requirements for the destination wedding location you are considering. 
Just about every state and country have different requirements.  You also need to determine if a visa will be needed for any of your guests and that each one is aware that they need a passport.

Be prepared to plan further out

Because your wedding guests are flying, they can get better airfare pricing by booking further out. As a result, you'll want to plan your destination further in advance if you are having a decent amount of guests. Send out your "save the date" invitation and wedding details at least 6 months in advance so that the air costs are reasonable for all.

Plus, since they will be away from home for several days attending your destination wedding, they will need this extra time in order to plan time off from work, etc.

Destination weddings are an affordable alternative to traditional weddings at home. They are also low stress, fun, and combine your wedding with your honeymoon. You should give some serious thought to getting married at a destination wedding.