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Advice For Las Vegas Weddings

Planning a wedding in Las Vegas and not sure where to start?

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las vegas wedding adviceThinking about getting married in Las Vegas? Good choice!

Las Vegas weddings are growing in popularity each year.  In 2005, over 145,000 couples chose the city for their nuptials. 

Getting married in Vegas definitely has it's benefits. 

Read on to find out why you should get married in Las Vegas and learn helpful planning advice for your Las Vegas wedding.

Why Have Your Wedding In Las Vegas?

It Costs Less

In many cases, even considering travel costs and hotel stays, having a wedding in Las Vegas will end up being less expensive than it will be if you have it in your hometown.  There are a couple of different reasons why it is cheaper, mainly competition and the packaging of services. 

The good news is that getting married in Las Vegas is going to be a lot easier on your pocketbook.  You can have a wedding in Vegas for a fraction of what you'd pay at home.

You Can Do It Last Minute

Another good thing about getting married in Las Vegas is that the wedding chapels and casino hotels are flexible time wise. Most weddings take around 6 or more months to plan.  But for brides and grooms who have a wedding in Las Vegas, the planning can be done in a few months, weeks or even days.  As soon as you find a wedding package that you like, you can reserve it, buy some plane tickets and go get married. 

It's Easy

Even though travel is involved, having a wedding in Las Vegas is often easier and less stressful than planning a traditional wedding at home.  The reason it's easier is because most of your wedding will be packaged. 

Using a wedding package instead of figuring out every little detail on your own takes a lot of the decision making away and makes it less stressful for you to plan your wedding. 

Also, you don't have to think of everything on your own because the wedding chapel or casino hotel has already done the thinking for you.  All you have to do is choose the wedding package that suits your needs and then you're ready to go.

It's Fun

Let's face it, getting married in Las Vegas is a fun idea.  The excitement of the Vegas strip, the gaudy decor, the lights and entertainment all set a carefree and fun loving tone.  Why wouldn't you want your wedding to capture those elements as well? 

For the guests who attend - you can even travel with your dog, going to Las Vegas can be a mini-vacation where they can enjoy gambling, shows and fine dining.  For you and your new spouse, the city can be the ultimate honeymoon spot.

Advice for Las Vegas Wedding Planning - How to Get Started

Discuss the Idea

Having a wedding in Las Vegas might sound perfect to you and your fiancé, but before you make any decisions, you'll need to talk to your family and friends.  Bounce the idea off of them to find out if they would consider traveling to your wedding.  Since you probably want your nearest and dearest with you on your big day, be sure that they have the time and money to attend.  Also, your parents may have had something different in mind for your wedding, so present the idea to them and give them a list of reasons why you want to get married in Vegas instead of having a traditional wedding. 

Pick a Date or Date Range

You'll need a wedding date or at least a date range in mind when you start looking for a wedding site.  Casino hotels and wedding chapels in Las Vegas are busier during certain times of the year.  In order to get a good idea of availability and cost, pick your wedding date first and the move forward with the rest of your planning.

Decide on Your Wedding Style

Since your wedding will be in Las Vegas, you already know it's going to be fun, but what sort of wedding do you want to have?  Do you want a chapel wedding with Elvis impersonators or would you rather get married on one of Las Vegas's many golf courses?  Or is a classy casino hotel more your style?  Discuss your ideas with your fiancé and decide on what type of wedding you will have.  This is also a good time to think about your wedding budget, make sure that your wedding dreams fit with the realities of your budget.

Begin Researching Las Vegas Wedding Locations

Once you've decided on your wedding style, you can start looking for possible wedding sites.  If you are going for the classic Vegas wedding, a wedding chapel is a good place to start.  If you've decided on an elegant affair, check out a casino hotel or a golf course.  You can make a list of sites using information from the internet - most websites offer details about wedding packages and the spaces available.